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Got up and had a good breakfast. Today we will be traveling. This morning we have a light rain while I am closing up and disconnecting the coach, just enough to get mildly damp. Our tanks were emptied yesterday so I do not have to do that, so it was fairly quick packing it up. We checked out of the RV park, hooked up the car, and we were on our way.

We are traveling I-40 from Flagstaff to Acoma, New Mexico. About a half hour after starting out we came to an off ramp that had a Safeway and a McDonalds. The first was for some groceries that we needed and the second for a Latte that someone (no names, but she is the co-pilot) wanted. That is getting to be a regular thing, "are we near a McDonalds?" Which is fine, we each have our little treats while we are traveling.

After getting everything we needed, we are back on the road again. I have learned that it is much more relaxing to drive about 55 while in the motorhome. I do not have to pass anyone and I just cruise along a lot more relaxed and can enjoy the countryside. As a added side benefit, my fuel mileage has gone from 8.5 mpg to almost 10 mpg. In fact, going from Barstow, CA to Acoma, NM I got 9.87 mpg.

Most of the day while driving we had a fairly steady rain, at times very heavy which made it hard to drive with all the water the semi's kicked up. At about 4 pm we arrived in Acoma, NM and got checked into our RV spot. We got set up and then fixed a nice dinner and then had a nice walk around the park while we had a lull in the storm.

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