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Last night's home

A grape hustler

This one looks just right

I pulled and I pulled and it just wouldn't come loose

huh I got it

On our way across county roads

We were surrounded by vines

Winding our way through barns and houses

First sighting, it was hard to miss on the horizon

Our destination tomorrow

Home for the night

We are in a gated commmunity

In the morning we discovered that our campground was on the terrain of a former wine estate, which is about 300 years old. The Dutch family that has owned the campsite since 2005 are running it in a sustainable way so as not to become a burden to the nature around them. Among other things they heat with a sun broiler, and grown their own fruit and vegetables which are served in the restaurant.

They also informed Bill that when they harvest the grapes, by using a machine that straddles the rows and basically shakes the vines and only the ripe ones fall into a hopper, any not shook loose are theirs for the picking.

It was a fairly short day to drive across county to the water. You could see Mont St. Michel from quite a distance away.

The campsite we had chosen had a shuttle bus to the parking lot where we could up the bus to take us out to the island.

It was lovely and quite with all the amenities that we like - toilet seats, toilet paper and soap.

We walked down the town road to a lovely restaurant where we enjoyed superb meals of lamb and haddock.

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