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Tree felling and clearing on the main street

By passing the tunnel for the view

Up we climb





At the French, Spanish border in the Pyrennes

Good Bye Spain

Heading down and north







The car herding these animals downhill moved aside to let us pass

The cows not so gracious



narrow streets through villages are commom






Looking for our campground

Monday, September 28th.

This morning we travelled along the foot hills of the Spanish Pyrenes. We came upon a very large reservoir with some interesting rock formations created by wind and water and time. There shapes reminded us of the whodoo’s in the Canadian Rockies around Banff.

Just before we started our climb into the mountains we came across a lovely little town with a rambunctious river running through it.

We had a bit of a wait as they were felling trees across the main street then sweeping up the debris. We had the option here of going through the mountain using the Tunel De Somport or going up and over. We chose up and over. The mountain range was heavily forested and we followed the river criss-crossing it as we climbed. The views were stunning as we reached the top at the little skiing town of Candanchu at 2670m. Just past was the border into France. Yikes I had Spanish Stamps that I needed to use so we decided to catch a bite to eat while I wrote postcards obtained here at the restaurant.

After snapping a few pic’s and waving goodbye to Spain we started our descent into France. As you can imagine it was equally as beautiful as the drive up on the Spanish side. However we did not run into a herd of cattle on the drive up. We couldn’t figure out what was on the road ahead of us, never in our wildest dreams nor nightmares did we imagine we would run into a herd of cattle on this mountain road.

A little white truck was herding them down and he moved to the side to let us pass. The cows had other ideas and just trotted ahead of us for a bit before dropping to the side one by one. As we passed the last bull I swear I received a saucy stare which I read to say, “Whatever”.

We stopped at Oloron Ste-Marie to stock up on groceries before heading to the highway and Bordeaux.

The first campground we stopped at had NO Wi-Fi so we moved on. Thirty minutes later just as darkness was falling we stopped at a small campground north of Bordeaux Gaivot Camping that was more suitable to our needs.

Interesting the sanitary facilities were in what used-to-be a “chai” a winery.

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