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Dijon covered markets

Great veges

Lots of weird fish

Le Petit Prince - on carousel at Dijon

Early morning in Dijon as we head for the train, not much...

Montpellier Plac de LaComedie

Two story carousel

Still looking for a Harley Davidson

3 October 2015

last one from me for a couple of weeks! I will be busy studying! This morning we had expected to wake up to rain, but when we got up on our last morning in Dijon it was clearing up, so after breakfast we went out co check out the huge under cover markets, and found that Saturday must be "everything markets" day. There was heaps so we had a good wander before heading off to the train. We had another very relaxing train trip, to Montpellier, the rain hit for about two thirds of the way, but amazingly it had stopped by the time we arrived, so we were able to find the Hotel Polygone (a bit dodgy but only here for one night - thankfully!).

We headed out to check out all the important things for me tomorrow, like where I have to meet my homestay lady, where the school is, where the tram is etc. I feel a bit better now, knowing all that. We ended up it the town centre, had a look around at some of the shops, had a nice pizza and they had the rugby on so we watched Japan beat Samoa and the first half of the Scotland/South Africa match before we headed back to the Hotel. Tomorrow Lisle is off to Portugal early, catching the train early from here to Toulouse to connect with the flight to Lisbon, and meeting up with McCarthys later on Sunday evening.

At the time of writing this about 9pm, Australia is just about to take on the England in the rugby, the Brits don't have Johnny Wilkinson this time so we should hopefully flog them.

It will be an exciting couple of weeks for both of us! Lisle's Portuguese is a worry!!

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