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Maureen tasting yoghurt, honey and opium poppy seeds

The caravanserai

Inside caravanserai

Friday 2nd October

Spoke too soon, I woke up this morning feeling decidedly off. One of the other guys on the trip was also not too well. I had a splitting headache and felt really squeamish. Bad food last night!!

Made it to our first break stop where I had to try some yoghurt, honey and opium poppy seeds but John had most of it as I didn’t want to eat dairy. Today was going to be a long day of sitting on the bus, with a stop at Konya and the silk road and also at a Caravanserai.

Back on the bus I opted to go lay down on the back seat – there are only 17 of us so we have plenty of room to spread around. I slept all the way through to Konya and opted to give that a miss. Apparently there was a lot of Muslin calligraphy etc. there so hopefully I didn’t miss much. At this stop got Charman to open up the luggage compartment and started dosing myself up with Buscopan and Imodium and promptly fell back asleep. It was fortunate in a way that it was today as I had the chance to sleep a lot to help my system to fight back.

Woke up when we reached the Caravanserai and got out to have a look there. With the Silk Road and all the goods going from east to west, they built these castle like structures approximately 30 km apart, which was deemed the possible distance to travel each day. At night the caravans would arrive at the caravanserai and could take shelter with the animals and goods for the night. If you didn’t make it by sundown you weren’t admitted. This was also a chance for merchants to trade with others in the caravanserai or do deals. The first three nights in the caravanserai were free and thereafter a fee had to be paid. Very ornate building with 3 foot thick walls for safety.

Back on board, it was straight to sleep again until we reach our hotel in Goreme. I was feeling extremely seedy and in need of a toilet so was wishing Charman would hurry up. Made it to the room where I just hopped into bed again by 8pm.

Woke about 2 am feeling very ill and ended up spewing and pooing – yuck. Poor John was left to clean up after me and he has a dreadfully weak stomach so he joined me. Kept waking up again every hour or so after that still feeling quite off.

Not looking good for my balloon flight tomorrow morning. I have waited 10 years to come back to Turkey to do this balloon flight and only hope I can do it.

Not a Goodnight All.

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