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The gate to enter

This is what the camp looked like originally.

View from top to bottom. The building on the right was the...

The guard shack

The lantern of the dead to those that were cremated and spread...

Memorial to those that lost their lives.

From Heidelberg, we drove to Natzeiler, France to the concentration camp. It sits on the side of the Vosges mountains in the middle of nowhere! They had a movie that told about this place and then you could visit several museums there and walk around to the different buildings.

There were 52,000 prisoners held there. It was only open for 3.5 years. The prisoners built the camp. It was very sad to see what conditions these people lived in and how hard they worked to stay alive. There was also so much torture going on there. They had a torture chamber where they conducted human experiments. One of the Drs there was actually up for a Nobel prize for discovering a cure or typhus. They had a crematorium where many were cremated and tossed over the vegetable garden.

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