Summer 2015 & Beyond travel blog

Time to say good-bye to Estes Park and head back to Golden for the final leg of vacation. We got Timmy & Esther's stuff loaded up and left the RV Park around 10 o'clock. This was a distance of about 70 miles today but it felt like 700.....It was windy and the roads were curvy and narrow in places. The driver was working all the time.

Then, the GPS got a little confused going through Boulder because of a recent different road pattern layout so we went around the block a couple of times to get ourselves straightened out again. But, we persevered and arrived in Golden at Dakota Ridge in time for lunch.

This campground has deteriorated so much since we first started staying here; the roads have big potholes and the sites aren't all that level, but we'll make do for this trip.

I took Timmy & Esther shopping to Barnes & Noble and Wal-Mart to pick up their final bits and pieces. Then, we checked them into the hotel and went out to dinner.

Tomorrow is our last sightseeing day and we are thinking of going to Boulder.

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