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Pool with bar in background, pottery by Mikki has place names where...

Pool with the Lady in the middle in the background.

Another view of the pool

Mikki's vans

The bar, shows part of the pottery workshop.

Azure-winged Magpie, more common than our Magpies


Purple Swamp Hen

Glossy Ibis, a good distance away.

View from highest mountain, showing Algarve Coastline

Cape St Vincent, furthest point west of Europe

Pizza night.

Most of the European islands/roundabouts are designed & pretty or unusual.

Anyone know what this tree is? Weird!! Look closely at the trunk,...

Our pitch was on the left of the motorhome with the green...

View from ours over to the bar/pottery area, we could just see...

Beach at dawn

Bridge at the border Portugal/Spain, the river Guadiana makes the division, with...

It's Sunday 27th Sept now; we arrived here Friday afternoon, this particular campsite recommended by friends from Bellavista. It's still being "created" has a long way to go, but it's already a fave - Mikki's Place to Stay - with dog owners, as they have their own shower, free poobags, and are allowed anywhere on the site without leads. Blue loves it, he had a row with 3 St.Bernards on the first day, but knows his place now! And Wilma the Jack Russell from next door had a go at him but he told her off and they're now friends. It's very relaxed here, about 4 miles inland from Albufeira. Will put pics in later, it is unusual, def not the normal campsite!. The pool is a lined hole in the ground (huge) with a fountain, surrounded by rocks. After the first night on an ordinary pitch, we moved to a Serviced one, a bit dearer, but essential for our waste system, if staying anywhere for more than 4 nights.

It's Arthur's first birthday today, can't stop thinking about the wee man. First time I've missed being with a grandchild on their first birthday. So keeping busy today. We came to Portugal together, Roy and I, for the first time Christmas 2001/New Year 2002,we brought mum with us, had 2 weeks in a lovely bungalow near Luz. Great birding here in the winter, so we hope to do more early next year.

Went to town yesterday, had a drive around and found Lidl + Aldi, tomorrow may drive further along to explore.

Thursday 1st October...today is our step great grandson Caleb's 2nd birthday, so we won't see him either but hope he had a lovely day with the family.... Missing all of them more this year, probably as we've come away earlier, but I'm going home early December for a week so I know it will fly past till then.

We've had nearly a week here. It's good in lots of ways, but privacy is a slight problem, everyone here visits each other a lot and we can't be doing with that! So as the pitches are closer, we feel that we are surrounded by people chatting sometimes. Big problem is no internet. Second biggest problem is that it's impossible to walk anywhere, to shops or cafes is a good drive away, we miss walking to the nearest bar for a drink. Bar here is excellent but again, don't always feel like being sociable, especially as it's mostly German/Dutch.

We've been several places including a day out to Cape De Vincent, the furthest point west of the continent. Will go back as we still haven't seen chough. But lots of other birds we were lucky to see and enjoyed the day.

Could stay here a month at most, but it's an option for next year, as it is we'll leave here after a couple of weeks, head back into Spain.

It's Monday 5th Oct. Had a lazy weekend but have been out and about too. There's a huge nature reserve all around us in parts, Roy found a fabulous wetland area so we got up early one morning, got there at dawn. Roy walked to the hide, Blue and I headed for the beach, where he was allowed. Lovely long stretch of beach with only a lone fisherman, whom we avoided, so Blue had a good bath and although it was too rough for him to enjoy a swim, he was in and out the surf for a good while trying to find sand I threw in! A long boardwalk back to the car, met up with Roy again and walked in a different direction on the boardwalk to see lots of nice birds including glossy ibis, moustached warblers along with lots of ducks, chats, and more.

Weather turned to windy and dull, with showers for a few days, so didn't do much. Swedish neighbours had a party Saturday night, apologised in advance for any noise, but there was no need, it finished well before midnight. Think our telly was noisier with the rugby!

Wed 7th Roy going birding on his own while I get my sewing machine out and alter a few dresses. Have lost nearly 2 stone since April, on doc's advice, in an effort to reverse diabetic diagnosis. She says it can be done as I've as yet only got Impaired Glucose Tolerance, I have till next June to avoid full blown diabetes and go on medication.

Sat 10th We got up early to go to the marshes again, but it started to pour and the wind was strong so after we gave Blue a quick run we came home for breakfast. Since then the rain & wind have got worse, we've packed away and cleaned ready for off tomorrow. Roy watched the Russian Grand Prix qualifying while I made some healthy eating flapjacks for teatime treats.

We're going to the pizza night tonight, it's 12€ for as much pizza and salad as you want, half bottle wine or a soft drink/beer, a pud and a coffee. So I'll be having lots salad, pizza but leaving lots of the base! Plus a diet coke to balance it! Pud and coffee neither of us will have but it's still good value, should be a good evening without having to walk far in this weather. If it's still like this tomorrow we can't leave as Roy won't be able to put the awning away, too dangerous.

It was a good evening, us being the only Brits there! With 2 German couples and a Australian couple all night, but had an excellent evening, food great, and company surprisingly entertaining, got on well with one German couple particularly.

Said our goodbyes to all, Roy settled up and off we went, changing our minds at the very last minute about which direction to take. We were going to head for Cape St Vincent, have another week in Portugal before heading back to Spain, but decided to leave that till March, when birding should be better. So going to stop overnight at Isla Christina again, then a week at a campsite south of Cadiz.

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