Mexico 2015 travel blog

Very cool mojito beetle bar we passed on our bicycles!

Th cenote and my travel buddy!!

Let's do some snorkelling - SEXY!!

Cave snorkelling with stalagmites and tites!!


Trialling the underwater camera!!


No I don't know what I'm doing!!

My attempt at a selfie with a tortoise!!

Rachel decides to take swimming lessons from a tortoise.....

Yummy brekkie to fuel our pedalling!

Lesson one ... 'Follow me like this'.....


Lesson 2....swim down underwater

Lesson three.... Head up to check for predators...


Rachel and her trusty stead

Off she goes!!

Stationary selfie

Cycling selfie

Tulum ruins

Ruins selfie

In da' tunnel


Day 2 - we hired bikes and headed off to explore, first breakfast in Tulum town and then onto a cenote and maybe the ruins after. After a hundred yards I'd made a slightly concerning observation 'Rachel do you have breaks because I don't?!' Hmmmm so then it was a question of how do we stop and I never thought I'd say this but I may not be the worst person in the world at riding a bike - now that I've seen miss smith on her two wheeled friend!! Luckily whilst tearing along the highway/pootling along at a sensible speed with HUGE American lorries speeding past us and dead dogs on the hard shoulder we made an important discovery - apparently if you pedal backwards it acts as a break - since when was that a thing?! I think free cycle advice may have been more beneficial than free love and hugs!!

The cenote was amazing, it's like a natural sink hole that has developed over time, and you can go snorkelling in there. You have to walk down steps into the pool and then there are caves with stalagmites/tites (still not sure which is which - A level geography obviously didn't sink in!) and there are fish and turtles that you can swim with! Also because it is fresh water it was soo refreshing after our sweaty cycle. After our swim we hopped back onto our faithful two wheeled steeds and headed back up the highway and onto the Tulum ruins for some culture. It was quite impressive as it was an old Mayan town that was situated right on the cliff edge above the beautiful Tulum beach looking out to the Caribbean. After our dabble in culture and a few selfies by the ruins we pedalled back to our beach hut for a communal shower and then wandered down the beach to a lovely restaurant for some homemade pizzas!! After supper when we were just struggling to work out the bill, I suddenly spotted a tiny turtle hurtling towards us on the terrace and then another and another and in minutes all the restaurant staff were out on the decking. They turned the lights out inside and out - the turtles were all heading into the restaurant because they thought the light inside was the moonlight! Then it was a case of don't step on the baby turtles and catch as many as you can. We were trying to catch them all and put them in buckets but they were so fast and then from around the corner we heard 'help me please' and the chef was around the corner and he had found their nest and was helping to dig all of them out and putting them in his bucket but there was too many and as quickly as he was putting them in they were crawling out - they were everywhere!! So myself and Rachel and all the restaurant staff and the one other table at the restaurant were racing around trying to catch hundreds of these little speedy turtles. Eventually we had them all and we walked them down to the beach and over the wall of seaweed and released them into the sea - it looked amazing there were about two hundred baby turtles all swimming out to sea!! I hope they were grateful for our help as we certainly made their journey easier as they would have had a mission and a half getting over all of that seaweed! What an experience though - we could never have planned that and it really made our night!!

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