Mexico 2015 travel blog

Pedal power!!

Breakfast selfie at the yummy brekkie spot!

Tulum ruins from the sea


Bit of beach time.....

Another selfie

Cenote number two

Me and my buddy!!

Strolling through the jungle en route to the Cenote!

Day 3 - we woke up and in the morning light we discovered that a certain person (not me!) had managed to burn her hands and I mean just her hands not her fingers, from holding the handle bars- who does that?!! This morning we were a little sore from the bikes but we hopped back on and pedalled the other way down the beach and found an awesome place that was an eco hotel, they had a perfect beach front position and they had been working their booties off clearing the seaweed so it looked and smelled a lot fresher! We stopped for breakfast and then had to head back to our beach hut to meet our skipper who was taking us out on his boat to the reef for a spot of snorkelling.

We met some really nice Aussies on the boat and headed out to sea, the snorkelling was good but rather choppy so a rather green faced Rachel and I climbed back aboard! The boat then took us to another cenote but this time is was in the jungle, so we got off the boat at a beach and wondered down a track to find it - it was beautiful and again so refreshing and no swell which was a big bonus!! We began chatting to the Aussies and we were telling them about the restaurants we had been to and we all decided we were very hungry for Thai so when we got back (after a communal shower!) we headed straight over to the Thai on the beach and it was soooo tasty. We sat up on a mezzanine above the beach looking out to sea and had some yummy cocktails and delicious Thai food! The natural events must be on our side as tonight we didn't see baby turtles but we did see an amazing shooting star, that shone green across the sky right in front of us and then fizzled out - very cool!!

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