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The magnificent India Gate

The crunched area of Chandani Chowk in Old Delhi

The wide shopping options

The puppets in the Kathpootli Colony

Lip-smacking street food

Safari at Jim Corbett National Park

Delhi has been one of the foremost chosen destination by overseas travelers, backpackers, and gap year travelers. Not just because it is the national capital and a metropolitan, but mainly because of the spectacular activities that one may get to do in Delhi; one of them is volunteering in Delhi. It carries a long historical and political background, and portrays several shades of life under one roof. If you are planning a trip to Delhi soon for volunteering (or for that matter any purpose), here is what not to miss:

The magnificent historical monuments

The history of Delhi dates to several centuries back; considered to be inhabited since the 6th century BC. Been ruled by several clans and empires over so many centuries, before finally becoming the capital of Independent India, the city has been rewarded with a lot of marvelous pieces of architecture. And while, the designs of these architectures are outstanding and prolific, they also carry interesting stories and history behind their existence. You certainly would want to learn about these historical stories and monuments, if you want your volunteering experience in Delhi to be fruitful.

The narrow lanes of the old city area

After arriving to the city, soon you will realize that it is unsubstantially divided into two main parts; The Old Delhi and The New Delhi. While the New Delhi part is nothing but an extended area to accommodate the increasing population of people settling from different cities, it’s the ‘old’ city area that will be more of your interest; need you want to see the real Delhi. It still has the inhabitants who are the descendants of those who were a part of this city since the ages of yore. Narrow lanes, old shops, crunched houses, stuffed markets, and uncontrollable traffic; it’s all a part of the Older Delhi area. Yet, it never fails to mesmerize you and give you the opportunity to sneak peek into the early days of the city.

The sprawling market places

Of course, shopping! I mean, how else would you show your neighbors, friends, and relatives back home that what kind of a place you visited? But, guess what? Delhi has a plethora of options for that as well. Although, the city is dotted with some big fancy shopping malls and arcades, it is the sprawling open market areas in the city where you can find some of the best souvenirs to take back home. Markets such as, the Lajpat Nagar Central Market, Sarojni Market, Karol Bagh Market, and many more are the hub for even the local shopping freaks. And if you are an expert in the art of bargaining, these places are a paradise for your pockets.

The artistic side of the city

The depth of love and affection for art in the city can be measured from the fact that it is home to one of the foremost theatre training institutes in the world, The National School of Drama. It is not just the top arts and drama institute in the country, but is also one of its only kinds; and that’s just not it. There is an entire colony of artists in the old Delhi part of Shadipur Depot that has been a house to around 2800 families for over 50 years now. The colony, which is famously known as the ‘Kathputli Colony’ (Kathputli means Puppet), has various performers living in the area; including the likes of magicians, snake charmers, acrobats, singers, dancers, actors, traditional healers, musicians, and, most importantly, the puppeteers. This makes it to be the world’s largest community of street performers. A must visit!

The ‘GORGEous’ food from the town

The northern part of India is very much known for its wide variety of rich flavored food; Delhi’s contribution to this is simply cosmic. From a high-end fine diner restaurant and a mid-size cafeteria, to a small roadside food stall; the options are a plenty, and the taste is plentiful. In a typical ‘Delhiite’ language, a trip to this city is simply incomplete without tasting some of its local delicacies.

An adventurous excursion to adjoining hideouts

Delhi is so strategically located on the map that it offers a bag full of weekend excursion opportunities to its local residents and overseas visitors. Within its vicinity are variety of landscapes that will suffice the wanderlust of every adventure traveler. There are mountains of the Himalayan range to go for adventurous trekking, the forests of national parks to take wildlife safaris and, the river of the Ganges to experience the spirituality and the thrill of river rafting. You can never fail to find the kind of excursion you would want to take over a weekend, when volunteering in Delhi.

This goes to show why exactly Delhi is one of the most chosen volunteering destinations in India. Live these experiences on your next trip to Delhi.

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