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I found a place inside the RV where we have Wi-Fi service!

All I have to do is open a window, raise the blinds, extend the awning, and place my computer near the ceiling. LOL

Actually, I have discovered that by placing the computer on the table, we can receive the Wi-Fi signal from the office just fine, as long as no one sits in the chair between the computer and the window.

At least I no longer need to set up an outdoor office.

After a nice breakfast, Marilyn set off to get her hair done.

Now that we have most of our “must do” chores completed, we are more relaxed about things.

We still have some medical issues to resolve, Marilyn will get her Driver’s License renewed, and we have Family and Friends we must visit before we leave here next month. Of course the “work” at the Cave Complex continues. Even Marilyn will be helping next week.

All RV folks know that our plans are set in “Jello” and subject to change.

However, if all goes according to the plan, there will be four couples, all friends, traveling together from the Hannibal area, to the Rio Grande Valley.

What is interesting is that all four couples are full-timers, all have DRV Mobile Suites fifth wheel RV’s, towed by diesel powered trucks (Three Fords and one Dodge Ram), and all four tow a small car behind their fifth wheel. (Three Fords and a Honda)

I am being restrained from making any comments about the “non-Ford” vehicles. LOL

In the meantime, we are enjoying the Grandkids, football games, the awesome weather, and the good people around us.

Soon enough, the annual fall migration south toward the RGV will begin.

Life is Good!

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