Mexico 2015 travel blog

Our beach hut location - not too bad!!

Happy in the hammock

Erm.... Not sure I can get out of this gracefully!

Mmmm welcome drinks!

Not bad this'll do!

So after a long days cleaning, washing clothes and travelling across Mexico I came across a rather tired and slightly delirious Rachel at Cancun Airport! We skipped straight onto a bus to Playa Del Carmen and headed to the hostel that I had booked only to be told we didn't have a reservation. After 30 minutes of jumbled Spanglish and sweat dripping down my back they said 'well we have a private room for two- would you like that?' Grrrrr I had forgotten quite how random this travelling malarkey was - I'm fairly sure that was the room I had booked but 'yes please we'll take that!' A quick midnight stroll to Oxxo for some late night snacks and we headed to bed - Rachel was out for the count as soon as her head hit the pillow!

Day 1 and we ventured out to find another hostel in PDC for when we come back next week and then we meandered through town and around some shops accompanied by a rather 'eggy' smell - hmmmm odd! Rachel made her much needed mask and snorkel purchase and we packed up our things said 'hasta luego' to PDC and hopped onto a bus for Tulum. 'With its sugar like sands, jade green water, balmy breezes and glorious sunshine, Tulum is one of the top beaches in Mexico'. We quickly found a beach hut on the beach that after a bit of bartering was within our budget and also offered free love and hugs and a communal outside shower- what more can you want! We dumped our bags and were rather peckish so we headed to the beach cafe and ordered a 'small' portion of nachos, hummus and guacamole - it was HUGE - could have fed the 5000!! So rather full we decided on a stroll down the beach and discovered the source of the 'eggy' smell - which was also present here too. There was piles of seaweed everywhere, a quick Google and we found that this is a rather large problem across the Caribbean - apparently a large island of seaweed is disintegrating and spreading its 'goods' across the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean. I feel a bit selfish but this is not ideal for me as I don't see myself coming back here soon but I guess it far less ideal for the environment - they say it's happening because of global warming.

Even with the seaweed it's still a very nice beach and the 'sugar like sands' were delightful underfoot! We strolled until we felt marginally less full and then headed back to our communal shower and out for a very delicious salad (as that's all we could fit in!) at a restaurant we found on the beach.

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