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Carpes at Los Serenas RV park in Santa Fe

We got to "play" in Albuquerque's traffic

Bradbury Science Museum in Los Alamos
Museum chronicles history of the Manhattan Project

Model of Trinity bomb

Mock ups of Little Boy with Fat Man in background

Model of B83 megaton weapon

Sandi with Fat Man bomb mockup

Mon, 21 Sep: A long-ish road day...

Today the Roving Rally relocated from Sky City to Santa Fe. It was a relatively short (110 or so miles) journey, almost all on Interstates, yet it did entail driving thru Albuquerque where we transitioned from I 40 east to I 25 north. We judiciously waited till after rush hour and had no problems other than a slight increase in Sandi's blood pressure and her demand for an early Happy Hour.

Once thru the big city we pulled into the Santa Felipe Pueblo Casino Truck Stop for lunch. Since we were only forty-some miles from Santa Fe we weren't in any hurry so we lollygagged there for about an hour. We exited I 25 at Cerrillos, which we followed about four miles to the RV park. Today's run was an easy 113 miles with fuel economy of 6⅛.

We are centrally located with many, many restaurants and shopping venues within a few miles. The problem is that Santa Fe traffic is horrible and going those few miles isn't exactly a piece of cake. Once set up we had to run to the Post Office to mail some birthday cards and then a visit to Sam's Club. Dinner was at Tortilla Flats, a local Mexican place that had excellent fare.

Tue, 22 Sep: Tourist time!

This morning was a lazy get up day. It is a "free day" in that nothing formal is scheduled as part of the Rally. We enjoyed a lazy morning and didn't stir outside the coach till ten. We drove the car about forty miles to nearby Los Alamos New Mexico. Los Alamos (or Los "Al" as it is familiarly known) occupies a mesa and is best known as the home of the WW II Manhattan Project.

Today Los Alamos National Laboratory continues to perform cutting edge research in many areas. Bob has been to Los Al several times during his career as the Lab is a major user of high performance computers.

We visited the Bradbury Science Museum which boasts an excellent collection of Manhattan Project material. We were duly impressed with the collection and learning more about one of the most ambitious scientific projects in our lifetimes.

Following our visit we lunched at a mediocre Chinese buffet near the museum. The food was good but not very hot. We don't care for lukewarm food.

We're back home now and Bob is busy installing Linux on his computer. No solid plans for tomorrow, our last full day in Santa Fe. Thursday is the rally's last hop—to Chamas New Mexico.

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