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I call it strolling because we don't walk with any sense of urgency or even as if we need to go somewhere. We just go out the door and slowly go in a direction. This morning we do want go to the Metro and get "2 billets por tout du hour por 2 hours" (2 all day Metro tickets for 2 days.) Down into the familiar surroundings of the Metro we went, paid for our tickets and headed to the train to take us to Place de Sorbonne where we typically enjoy our French breakfast of café a'lait and croissant. When us this morning we brought all our technology equipment because for the first time on this trip the WiFi in our hotel is impossible and at best sporadic.

We settled in and spent a good 1 1/2 hours so I could catch up on the log and Tom could catch up on the news. Today is Sunday and it's a beautiful day warm day. We already know we are going to walk around Luxembourg Park as soon as we finish up with breakfast. What a beautiful day for the Park it was filled with families enjoying the many attributes of the park.

After strolling for a few hours we realized lunch time was upon us again and we headed back to the hotel to drop off the technology equipment and find a spot for people watching and lunch. We decided on a little café called "Le du Palais" (the two Palaces). Situated just across the street from the entrance to Saint Chappelle and on the corner of 2 City government centers which were once Palaces. We also remembered this spot because it was here Tom once ordered a beer and the waiter asked him if he wanted a small or "grande" beer to which Tom replied "oh Grande of course" and the waiter replied "do you think you can handle a Grande?". We were with Michael and Sandy Rostad and we all erupted in laughter as Tom replied "oh I can handle it!"

After lunch we walked over to the bridge where we had placed our locks a few years ago. We've been watching the news about the City of Paris finding the weight of thousands of locks were compromising the structure of the bridges and they have been removed. There were still lockers on our bridge but sadly I couldn't find ours or Michael and Sandy's which were attached to ours. I couldn't decided if a portion if the lockers had been removed including our or I couldn't find them because the locks had been spray painted by graffiti artists. Either way we were sorry we couldn't see the locks again.

This was Sunday and Tom was looking forward to the 49'er game all week. He had arranged to stream the game onto my computer but now that we know the WiFi connection in our room is sporadic at best he began to look around for anywhere in Paris where a pub or café might have the capability to pull in the game. We actually found a few places one of which was practically around the corner from our hotel. It was an Irish Pub but because World Cup Rugby playoffs were in full swing we'd have to wait until the game was over and then they would pull in the 49'er game for us. We estimated the time to be at about 7:30 and the game would begin at 7:00PM. Tom who always has good ideas decided that our little spot Le Depart had great WiFi we could bring my computer there and stream the game until it was time to go to the Pub for the big screen. Well the game quickly become a disaster and Tom decided a dinner at Chez Andre would be much better than continuing to watch the 49,ers lose. I whole-heartedly agreed.

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