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We awoke to the sound of giggles, coming from the living room, where the grandkids had slept on the “Hide-a-Bed” last night.

We spoke loud enough for them to hear us, that we wished they would come on up to join us, and before you could bat an eye, there were four in our bed.

The grandkids brought their stuffed animals and their blankets so it was a wee bit crowded, forcing me to relinquish my space to the giggling mass in the bed.

It wasn’t long before “Mimi” was fixing pancakes and juice for the entire group of hungry folks.

After breakfast, Colby and I went for a walk and talked along the way, as I taught him the difference between a travel trailer, a fifth wheel, and a motorhome.

As we walked back toward home, we saw Marilyn and Lauren coming toward us.

We returned to the RV, climbed into the car, and drove to Riverside Park where we all went for a walk down a steep path to the Mississippi River and back up.

We then drove to the playground in that park and allowed the grandkids time to play on the various playground equipment.

A glance at my watch showed that it was only a few minutes before 12:00 noon. I suggested to Marilyn that we take the grandkids to the local “Burger King” where they have an indoor playground.

Once again, they were turned loose to play while I took care of ordering chicken, burgers, fries, and cold drinks.

It sounds like all we do with our grandkids is play and eat. I guess there is some truth to that. LOL

Back at the RV, the grandkids took turns hiding an object for the other to find. More play before we loaded the car to take the kids to meet their Mom in Palmyra.

We left a bit early so that the kids could have time for (What else) playing in the park.

We sure had fun with our grandkids but wonder if we aren’t getting a bit too old for this kind of activity.

Oh well, as long as we can enjoy those youngsters, we know that Life is Good!

One more thing before I sign off of here today.

Four years ago today, a fine man who was one of my best friends, passed away. I simply offered a silent prayer for Denny and his family today. We’ll never forget the joy he and his family brought to our lives.

May God Bless each one of them!

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