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Our breakfast view

Leaving camping Bujeuilo

water was everywhere and fast flowing

Waterfalls tumbling from mountains all around

previously streams. Now torrents

My goodness. Those mushrooms are GREEN!

waterfalls and waterfalls

the path was misty ahead

many little bridges in the Ordesa Park

Ordesa Canyon

Ordesa Canyon

Ordesa Canyon

Ordesa Canyon

lunch at the top, after that 600m climb. Took just over an...

Ordesa Canyon

Ordesa Canyon

Ordesa Canyon

Ordesa Canyon

Ordesa Canyon

Huge red and white mushrooms

They are called 'fly killers'

The red mushrooms



Soon learn when Dan suggested a snack break, something serious was coming...

after the climb to the refuge, looking back at where we have...

refugio Goriz

A quiet moment at the end of the day

We are on the 3rd level of the bunks, but across there...


After a good night's sleep in 2 sets of proper bunks we set off to walk the Ordesa Canyon. The 'camping' resort owners were lovely and gave me GF toast for breakfast as well as the remainder of the baguette to take with me. Like all days in the high refuges, we were provided with a picnic. It was always interesting to see what we were given to survive during the day.

We initially walked on roads next to the raging river and then climbed to walk along the valley side, through forests, until we were at the start of the Ordesa Canyon. At this point Dan informed is that we were taking the high route along the top of the Canyon. This involved a climb of 600m almost straight up. Of course the path took small zigzags. By now we'd been trained to take very small steps whilst climbing steeply. Other much younger people overtook us on the very narrow path, but it wasn't long before we passed them, red faced and exhausted waiting at a convenient stopping point along the path. We continued to the top without stopping. It took just over an hour, arriving in time for a magnificent view along the canyon and a much needed lunch break. We had finished lunch by the time some of those younger walkers arrived! Most people don't climb but walk along the base of the canyon. We walked the length of the canyon for the rest of the day on a path which slowly descended. Took an afternoon tea break before commencing to climb again to the refuge that we could see up very high, in the distance. We got there just before fog started to descend for the evening.

We were on the top layer of 3 level 'bunks'. Great for headspace and privacy. Terrible if any of us needed to get down in the middle of the night as there were little foot pegs in a bed post vs a proper ladder. Clearly we were in a popular area for climbers !!

The Route


Cumulative Distance



Cumulative Time


Cumulative Altitude


Cumulative Descent


Perfect. Clear skies, no wind and not too hot


Refuge Goriz

Triple layer platform 'beds' with approx 30 people per room. Total approx 100 people

External toilets and cold showers / hand basins in temporary portaloo style block.


White bean soup

Rice salad with artichoke hearts and veges

Mince meat patty with a drizzle of mayonnaise and grated cheese

Vanilla custard/ (apple for me )



The Ordesa canyon

Mushrooms in forest ( HUGE red ones and some smaller green ones)

Low Lights

We all felt weary before the final climb for the day - but we made it surprisingly well

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