2015 Eagle trip travel blog

We went to Harbor Freight and Ray used a coupon for free screwdrivers. Then we drove to Donner State Park in California. The interstate was slowed to a crawl on the west lane due to construction, the other side was moving well so we at least have that to look forward to on our way back to Reno. The state park at Donner Lake has a brand new visitor center that is first rate. It tells the story of the Donner Party of 1846 but also has a great exhibit on the Lincoln Highway that is Hwy 40 (which parallels I80) and also the Washoe Indians who lived in the area. It also has exhibits on the railroad the the Chinese who were brought in to build it and the treatment of them. There is a statue at the site of the Breen cabin, built to 22 feet to mark the depth of snow that winter memorializing the emigrants who passed by here and also a plaque designating the spot where a cabin was built in 1844, occupied by the Murphy's in the Donner party. After learning about all this we drove the Donner Pass highway that was old Hwy 40 and followed the route taken by the pioneers. It is REALLY scenic, rocky, climbs 2000'. We saw remains of the railroad and the wall built to protect the tunnels by the Chinese, and rainbow bridge built in 1926. Donner Lake is beautiful and there are at least 3 ski slopes along this road. What was done by those who came by wagon, auto, and rail is truly incredible. We then took a scenic drive back to Reno on I80.

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