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Cotton fields, on mile after mile of flat terrain stretching in all...

Just arrived

Our opposite neighbour's pad

Down the way

Salt flats

Salt flats

Love the way they decorate some traffic islands

Monday 21st Sept. Off north this morning, hopefully to get past Huelva to a campsite near the border that Roy has earmarked for us, if we like it, to stay for a week or more....we have to be back at Bellavista before the 22nd Oct, hoping to explore a bit of Portugal, but we may save that for early 2016, when we have 2 months+ to explore.

The long, straight, and I have to say boring, road between Jerez and Seville has nothing but agriculture on flat terrain stretching into the distance. Mostly cotton fields, but small farms, almonds, and various veg too. Saw cranes today! 3 of them standing in a field.

Past Seville and Huelva and onto Isla Christina, the camp site is large, divided into 2 sides with reception/bar etc central. The manager came out to us as the receptionist wasn't authorised to let us park anywhere but on the crowded side, and we didn't like it there. So he showed us to a quiet corner spot on the other side. We'll see how we get on for a few days here. In front of us is the main road, but it's not busy. Across that road is a huge pine wood, brill for dog walking. Beach is the other side of that, & it looks like we could take Blue in the sea if it's early morning or late evening. Behind us is a river and swamp area, which is noted for birding, will go see tomorrow, just hope it's not encouraging flies/mosis. Roy and I were both bitten badly 10/12 times last night, suffering irritating itches all day today despite antihistamine.

Tuesday took Smartie round and about the town, looked at the salt flats and the marshes briefly then shopped and back to base. Still unsure about this site, it's very busy and very dusty, not a patch on Bellavista, so may move on before the weekend, see what the one in Portugal is like.

If we move on we may not get internet so will not post anything until the weekend.

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