2015/16. ADVENTURE BEFORE DEMENTIA - End August 2015 - travel blog

The promenade

Another view of the prom

Horses n carriage take you around the outskirts of town

Beach and island view

Front row in the square

The square, capacity 100 motorhomes, about half full Sunday lunchtime

We are going to stay here another night but it was so noisy last night we thought we'd move on this afternoon. People shouting and singing till gone 3am, def not our cup of tea. Pity, it's a lovely place, with its fabulous promenade and estuary setting. Must've been Saturday night revellers, there's been a mass exodus this afternoon cars, scooters, bikes all leaving between 3 & 5pm.

We had a walk with Blue first thing, towards the town along the prom, loads of families, most with tiny dogs, the Spanish do love their tiny lap dogs! Plus lots of people all ages, shapes and sizes jogging, walking, running, power walking, cycling, roller blading, TRI-cycling and even horse riding!

But it is hot and there's no shade for our Lady, it's not yet midday, but the sun is beating down on us. I would love to go across the road and sit in the sun on the gorgeous beach but it's not fair on Blue, there's nowhere for him to get in the shade at all; inside our home with fan on its over 30°. It's 2pm and the breeze has got up and cooled things down somewhat. Roy and Blue happy inside so yippppeeee I get to go sit in the sun!

Clouds have gathered so this evening is much cooler. Heading for Huelva first thing tomorrow.

Have to say something here cos I'm annoyed, once again, by our fellow countrymen. I've felt so sorry for Blue, as dogs aren't allowed on any Spanish or French beaches from May to the end of September. But on the beach today are the only other Brits in the square, 2 couples in 2 m'homes; they have a lovely dog and it's against the law but they've been on the beach all day with the dog. It's a 1000€ fine if the police catch you. But more than that, they've both got washing hung out, outside carpet down, chairs and tables set out. Classed as camping behaviour, it's really annoying as it gives us a bad name. We see this often, sometimes it's not British folk, the odd German can be a culprit, but usually it's some ignoramus from the UK. Roy won't let me even get a folding chair to sit on, if I want to sit in the sun on an Aire, I use the m'home step, but it's rare anyway as we're not there long enough to be idle!

Had another long walk this evening before watching tv, I'm a Downton fan so really enjoyed that tonight.

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