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A last look at Scotts Bluff towering over the town

Huge fields of sunflowers

A sunflower bows its massive head

Lots of emptiness in Wyoming

Imagine the pioneers aiming their wagons toward those distant mountains

Huge pumpkin says fall is near

Lots of antelope

Denver, CO Cultivated sunflowers are the fourth most common vegetable oil source worldwide. Sunflowers have a long history in the US, dating back at least a thousand years to when they were cultivated in fields by Native Americans. Wyoming has embraced sunflowers as a crop. We saw huge fields of them. Rather than showing us their sunny faces, the heads were all bent, heavy with the mature seeds and ready for harvest. Interesting as the huge fields of sunflowers were, since Jim is heavily into wildlife, the major excitement of the day was spotting antelopes. We saw 64 antelope and that was simply from travelling along the interstate. Imagine how many must be out there!

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