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My tour this morning was for a group of young folks from Kahoka, MO.

That is where I grew up and graduated from High School, so I was delighted to show these folks through the Mark Twain Cave.

It was around 12:00 noon when I returned home for some lunch.

Marilyn informed me that I now had a date to see a Doctor at Barnes Hospital in St Louis. It looks like Oct 6th is the date and I’ll let all of you dear readers know how things go throughout the process.

This afternoon, Jennifer and the Grandkids drove in to see us after school was out for the day. I made a quick run to KFC and brought dinner home. Marilyn fixed Mac & Cheese to go with the fried chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits with butter & honey, and slaw.

I played football outdoors with Colby and we all headed to the playground after dinner. Lauren wrecked her bicycle and walked back to the RV with a small amount of blood on her lip. It wasn’t long before she was going full speed, playing again.

They all left a bit after 6:00, and we sent some chicken, biscuits, and slaw, home for Steve.

That was our signal to relax.

I did have a few adventures with the RV’s which came in today.

One lady in a Class-C pulled into the wrong site, then decided to simply make a hard right turn out of her site, figuring that she could then simply back right in to the correct site. The problem was the fire pit, made from old truck wheels, which sat in the grass area between the sites.

The lady managed to straddle the fire pit with her vehicle, and then tried to ignore the loud metal scraping sound until the fire ring dug into the ground enough to stop her cold. She then decided to back up.

I ran over to her location and yelled loud enough for her to stop backing up just before she would have hit the water riser.

I soon had order restored and returned to our own site.

All is well and, of course, we all know that Life is Good!

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