2015/16. ADVENTURE BEFORE DEMENTIA - End August 2015 - travel blog

Fields of poly covering, stretching for miles.....

.... and even on hillsides, every available space.

Nearly there! Fabulous new dual carriageway instead of winding coastal roads thru...

Our nearest neighbours in the next tree to the Lady.

We left Almerimar after a quick shop getting back on the A7, nice surprise, all newly dualled, missing out all the crowded towns along the way. Very little traffic today, thought we'd stop for a cuppie, but guess what? Typical of the Spanish, they forgot to put any services/garages/parking/rest areas anywhere along the whole 60+ mile route.Maybe next year?

So we ended up in a hillside village with nowhere to turn around, whilst looking for a parking place. Another 3-4 miles later Roy managed to turn, we got back on the road, had to drive for another hour before we found anywhere, by which time it was past our lunch time!

4pm we arrived at Sabinillas, found a shady place to rest before I went for my dental appointment at 6pm. Drove on, it did seem odd not turning into Bellavista, but we want to try Portugal before we come back to our second home late October. Settled at Algeciras by 8pm, free Aire on a huge retail park. Ok for an overnight stop. We'll go on to south east Spain or even Portugal tomorrow.

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