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I had a lot of help from Nancy at AAA booking this trip and knowing nothing about Spain or Portugal she chose all the hotels. All have been spot on as to our liking. (we probably won't stay at the Las Casas de la Juderia again but feel we would have missed at huge part of history without it this trip.)

This Hotel in Lisbon, is not in "Lisbon". It would be like saying a Hotel in San Carlos is in SF. That being said we really love this Hotel. Named Onyria (meaning Dream in Latin) Marinha (Marine) is in Cascais(kosh Kiish)is by the ocean. It's actually a golf resort and neither Tom or I are golfers. Still we feel w.e were lucky to find the town of Cascais.

Our first day here we were taken to the Marina in the Hotel van and spent all day wandering around the old town. Much to see and of course lots of people watching no to mention great food.

As Tom and I were walking near the Marina I noticed that the pavement was set up in the exact same design (black and white striped rocks in a wavy pattern) as on Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro Brazil (I was there in 1970's). It makes you dizzy if you look at it while you are walking. As we were returning and on the same pavement a man passed us humming "Girl from Ipanema" song. I cracked up and wondered if he knew what prompted him to hum that particular song.

We happened to go in to a "historical" house called The Santa Maria House, it was built in 1902 by a an Irishman named Jorge O'Neill. The house sits right next to the Santa Maria Light house. I decided it would be a perfect location in which to retire, unfortunately it won't be on the market anytime soon. When we went in to get our tickets I said 1 general and one senior. Tom was asked to produce his ID and handed over his drive license. The guy was amazed at the information on the license..." You're American?'" "Yes" says Tom. "You live in San Carlos?" "Yes" says Tom and then Tom adds it is near San Francisco. The guy spends time reading the rest of the license not wanting to miss a word of it and then says..." you know George Bush from Texas?" "The Ex-President?" asked Tom. "Yes" smiles the guy. "He is a cowboy and has a lot of money" "Yes he does" says Tom and with that the guy stands up looks and me and says "Are you an American too?". I replied "Yes I am". "Really?" he says shaking his head. With that he began a semi private tour around the house. It was fun his showed us to the veranda with a view of the ocean and just chatted with us until others showed up needing his assistance. Tom and I laughed. He was really pretty sweet.

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