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Our last day on the Aeolian islands, we had to wait until 14:30 for the ferry to depart, so we thought, it's a good plan to drive a few times around the island, for sight-seeing....and shopping.....

The south-coast revealed a beautiful view on the island Volcano, with its peninsular Porto Volcano.

As a general rule, before arriving at the osservattorio, I had to drive the wrong way first, squeezing my car between stones, houses and cars. Why do wrong roads always narrow?

Anyway, back at the port, we queued-up for the ferry, as the first passengers, which doesn't guarantees that you will board as first. Italians keep overtaking, even on the loading ramp of a ferry.

Soon after we left the car, Andrea, who was assigned for an inbound ferry, called me and told that the ferry to Milazzo is about 2Hrs in delay!!! Normally 2 ferries operate on that route, but because of the storm last week, one made damage during maneuvering in the port of Milazzo and was in the ship yard.

Finally at 16:30, after boarding, we set sail to Milazzo, arrived there around 18:30 to continue our way to mount Etna.

Gina, who doesn't like to drive on steep curves in the mountains, got a special treatment today. Since I ALWAYS do what she asked, we left the autostrada in Giarre to start climbing the mount Etna, remember, the hotel is at 2000m altitude!!! And it was dark already. My lady navigator told me to turn right, continue strait, take the 3rd exit, bla bla bla, and finally we found ourselves somewhere on a small trail, still climbing, but not the slightest clue where we were!!!

For some doubtful reason, my navvi-lady stopped talking with me, until I reached a small town, asked an Etnian, whereinthehellisthevolcano. He invited me to follow him to the town limits and left me from there on my own, all the way straight(????) to the hotel!!!

The road reminded me of Stanley Kubrick's “The Shining”. Not a single car, no street light, not even 50m straight road and finally we arrived on the summit at Hotel Corsaro, the Corsaro family, famous for there infamous hotel, which was destroyed several times during the last eruptions.

The hotel was an almost exact replica of the hotel in “The Shining”, happy I didn't drove a go-cart no more, not to mention the twins who want to play with me!!!!! That's also the reason, I didn't want to write ANYTHING during my stay up there, I might get crazy, haunt Gina and get killed by magma from Dr Evil's secret layer, or something like that!!!

Exhausted, felt asleep, knowing that Etna might wake me up, anytime, I love this place!!!!

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