seaton trip to france 2015 travel blog

On our drive to Monaco

On our drive to Monaco

On our drive to Monaco

Stopped for lunch at Eze, outside of Nice

Eating supper in Nice

John say's, "thanks Bill."

Nancy say's,"thanks Bill".

Jim say's "thank's Dad."

Spent the day with John. Seems he is quite the tipper :-) We had different definitions as to what "service included" meant.

Went for a drive to ancient city of Eze but only got to the start of the climb, then those who shall remain nameless, John didn't want to continue. So we had lunch at a nice restaurant with a great view. The table of Swedes beside us ordered steak tartar. WHOA!! That stuff even looks nasty. Neither one finished their lunch. Parking was a bit tricky.

Continued on to Monaco, never did find our way to the casino beach area, the driving was tricky and it was BUSY!

Returned to Nice and went for some wine, a swim, some wine, supper, some wine, then bed.

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