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Rock Formation looks like a Giant Clamshell!

Looking across Martin Lake at Lathrop State Park

Paula next to Martin Lake

Spanish Peaks across the Lake

We left Fun Valley about 8:30 this morning. We got as far as Lathrop State Park, about 3 miles west of Walsenburg, CO. The main reason we stopped was the wind was starting to get up.

The winds got to really rocking the trailer this afternoon. I thought I was back in the Navy on the ocean. Where's the Dramamine when you need it?

Lathrop is the first state park in Colorado. It was purchased in 1962 and opened later that year. It has two campgrounds that can accommodate up to 105 camping rigs. One is primitive (no hookups) and the other is electric hookups only. Showers are available at 50 cents for 4 minutes, and a quarter for extra two minutes. Deja vu! Navy showers, get wet, soap up, rinse off and get out in 4 minutes or less. The first minute was used waiting for the water to warm up.

We did take a short hike, looking to geocaches. I did not find the two I was looking for. I hate caches hidden in trees; they are nearly impossible to find.

We will head to Amarillo tomorrow if the wind quits howling. Goodnight, all!

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