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The gardens are being spruced up for the film festival

Beautiful day in the port today

Cheese at the markets

In the old city

Squash at the markets

Cheese maturing at the cheese factory

Pretty flowers

Caught the bus into the city in plenty of time to join our tour. We grabbed a takeaway coffee and cake from one of the cafes so we could enjoy it while we waited. Once I'd finished mine, I went for a walk to get my steps up and found a map that had post office details on it. I'm still looking for a post office. I decided to come e back to it later in the day. Pete was still waiting where we'd been told was the pick up place and no one else was there. It was getting close to 9am so I said I'd walk to the original meeting place to see if there was anyone there. Sure enough, there were 5 people waiting. I told them we'd been told the bus could stop there so there was a new meeting point. We agreed to keep each other in sight and let each other know if the bus turned up. Turned out we were in the right spot.

The guide made sure we were in the right place. The bus turned up (mini bus for 9 tourists plus the guide) and guess what, the sliding door wouldn't open. Much muttering and mumbling and they got it open and we piled aboard.

What beautiful countryside. It is so green and lush and the guide told us that's because they receive a lot of rain. It was quite overcast and a bit drizzly in the drive however it wasn't cold. We arrived in the market town of Ordizia and first visited one of the few buildings that survived the great fire of 1512 which is now a museum. We watched a couple of videos, one on the old town and the other on how it is now. After the great fire, the queen declared Ordizia could hold a market every Wednesday and not pay tax on the profits. The town has held a market almost every Wednesday since then. We then moved on to the farmers market...I love these markets. All the wonderful, local produce and a place where you can buy one lettuce leaf or one egg, if that's all you need. I wanted to buy, buy, buy however that didn't make sense seeing as we are leaving tomorrow. It was a great experience even though it was still drizzling. At least most of the market is undercover. The damp weather is making my hair frizz all over the place. Can't do much about it.

Back to the bus and on to the sheep cheese museum. We watched a video about the cheese making process and how things were done in days gone by compared to now. It's interesting to hear about the changes required for hygienic purposes.

We then moved on to a family-owned cheese factory. We sampled some of the young white cheese they make, the smoked young cheese and the mature and mature smoked cheese. We also had some walnuts godown in their own trees and a couple of potato and cheese tortillas made by the uncle of the girl who was speaking to us. Only ever knew about Mexican Tortillas...flatbreads. These were nothing like a Mexican tortilla......delicious. We finished off the tasting with some apple cider made on the premises. More delicious.

Time to head back to the city. I want to do a bit more souvenir shopping for the kids and the sun is shining so an opportunity to take some more photos. Left Pete having a drink and wandered off to buy some bits. Couldn't find any souvenir shops where we were, and it was siesta time so there might be some there however closed for siesta. Decided to go to the tourist centre to ask them for directions. They sent me to the old town and there were heaps to choose from. Left Pete sitting in a seat and headed off. I had a lovely time wandering and looking at all sorts and found a few bits I liked. I walked into one square, Constitution Plaza, and could believe the numbered doors around three sides of the square....it must be accommodation and very well marked. The old town is very pretty so I went back to get Pete and we walked down to the harbour, took more sunshiny photos and on then through the old town.

Decided it was time to head for home so found the bus stop and we were off. We are planning to get all packed tonight so we can get away early in the morning to catch the train to connect with the Barcelona train at 7:28am.

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