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Beautiful coleus in the gardens

More flowers. On a building this time

Pretty wind weather

We were a bit slow getting moving today as we don't have anywhere we have to be at any particular time. Tomas sent me a text telling me a big storm was coming and there would be 6-metre seas and for us to be careful.

Pete went out for an early walk to check out what is in the neighbourhood and see where the metro station is. Tomas told us about the bus however we are pretty keen on travelling on the metro as it's easier to know where you are and to change lines to go to different areas. We set off to the metro with great expectations. Big mistake. It is an unmanned station and we had no idea which station was in the centre of the city. The maps didn't give any indication so it would have been a guess job. We also didn't know which direction we should be travelling in. We could have jumped on a train and finished up in France (we are very close to the border). Pete asked a lady who didn't speak very good English however, strangely enough, much better than our Spanish. She told us to catch the bus, pointed to the bus stop and sent us on our way. It was an easy trip into the city and very picturesque when we drove around the beach and over the river.

We alighted at Boulevard 3 stop and headed for the tourist office. We thought we'd do the Hop On Hop Off bus here (first time since Madrid) to get a feel for the place and because it was drizzling. Thought we could sit undercover on the bus. We also booked a tour for tomorrow heading out into the country to see a traditional market and cheese making. The lady in the tourist office was very helpful and made sure we knew that because preparations are being made for the film festival, the bus departure point for both buses had been changed to outside the Maria Cristina hotel, the only 5-star hotel in town.

We found the correct stop and spent a full day touring around, jumping off and on at various attractions. We went up the hill on the funicular...another exciting experience. San Sebastián is a very pretty city even though the weather wasn't at its best. The ocean was pretty rough (not 6-metre waves though) and the river was at low tide when we arrived and by the time we were leaving to go home, was almost up to curves j der the bridges.

We are trying to decide whether to catch the bus, the metro or the train from our accommodation on Thursday morning to link up with the train to Barcelona so I left Pete having a drink and I walked to the station (more steps for the Fitbit) to check it out. I had a very helpful lady who gave me all the info I needed about the train which looks to be the easiest link, so when I got back to Pete, we decided to give it a trial run on the way home.

All went well....its only 4 stops and then about a 10 minute walk to the apartment. It took 15 mins all up from when we boarded the train.

We went to the supermarket when we got home and bought some bits and pieces for dinner. Oh my goodness, there's so much choice. Pete was going crazy as he likes to have a minimum of things to choose between. Made it out of the store and headed home for a bit of dinner, a glass of wine and bed.

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