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Waiting for the train

Wind farms on the journey

Scenery along the way

Beautiful lake - water powers the hydroelectricity

A wine in the cafeteria

Clouds on the hills

We are covering a lot of kilometres today....Santiago de Compostela to San Sebastián. We'll be in the train from 10:06 to 20:48 to be precise. We were up reasonably early to allow time for the walk to the station with a couple of stops on the way. I was hoping for the post office and we needed the supermarket to buy a few goodies for the journey. Didn't find the post office however bought some cheese, tomatoes, bananas, bread rolls and crackers...do I detect a common theme here?

We had time up our sleeves so had a coffee and pastry at the station while we were waiting. We had the use of a knife so decided to butter our rolls while we were there so saved the drama of working out how we were going to manage that on the train. While we were waiting for our train to arrive, I was pacing up and down the platform trying to get my steps up in my Fitbit. My target is 10,000 steps per day and knowing I was going to be on a train all day, I doubted I'd make the target.

We had a very full train...lots of people who have walked the Camino trail are now moving on to other destinations. I've listed most of the towns we went through although I think I missed a few. It was definitely a milk run. Some towns we went into and then came back out before continuing on our way.




A Rua Petin

O Barco del Valdores




Quintana de Raneros



Burgos Rosa de Lina


Miranda de Ebro

I did a bit of walking around the train...to the cafeteria and back (it was in the other end of our car, so not much of a walk). We had a couple of drinks and watched the world go by with a different perspective.

There was a lot of waterways along the way and I noticed a number of hydroelectric power stations. Can't help myself looking at the power options. Lots of wind farms as well.

We finally pulled into the station at San Sebastián Donostia. We decided to buy our ticket to Barcelona before we left just in case it was a hassle getting to the station during the couple of days we are here. Then caught a taxi to our accommodation to find our host Tomas waiting for us. Tomas showed us around and then left us to it. We have a 3-bedroom apartment with two living areas as well as a large kitchen/dining area.....much more space than we need.

Time for bed after a big day

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