Our European Trip - 2005 travel blog

Pagani Sports Car

Lower Corniche to Monaco

Entrance to Old Town Villefranche-sur-Mer

Fountain in Old Town

Rue Obscura

Rue Obscura

Side Street from Rue Obscura

Steps from Rue Obscura

View from Harbour

Gathering Clouds over St. Jean Cap Ferat

USS Philippine Sea

We got up this morning to find a US Frigate, the Philippine Sea in place of the cruise ships. We had our breakfast and met the people with the car we had seen last night. Since they are shown with what appears to be same car on the company web site and it is stated that the cars are custom built to the specifications of the buyer, we assume they own it. It was in the parking lot so we took a photo of it. Apparently it is a brand new car and there are only about 40 in existence. It is Italian. We then gathered items we were sending back to Canada. On the road 10 days and too much stuff already! We went along to the Post Office and got a box which includes postage to send the items home. We went down into the old town of Villefranche-sur-Mer and wandered around the narrow streets including the Rue Obscura, a tunnel like street under other homes with stepped lanes leading off it. You could imagine in days of old people scurrying along to avoid invaders from the sea below and the land above.

The rain came on and we searched for a store selling "Une Parapluie", and eventually acquired the desired umbrella to ward off the elements. We had taken rain wear, but the rain was really heavy. We sat in a cafe sipping cafe-au-lait for a while and when the rain eased walked by the harbour till we found a seat under a tree to have our picnic lunch. The rain came even heavier and we went up to the railway station and sheltered for a while, then took the back streets back to the hotel to dry off.

We read and dozed for a while, and the sun came out, so we spread our wet garments on the balcony to dry them off. After the sun came back out we went along to the stores near here and got snacks for the train tomorrow. We came back and sat on the balcony and watched people being ferried out to the frigate for a reception. A Zodiac from the frigate was obviously on security detail and warned off any boats that came too close. Some men were working on an illuminated buoy and they drew the attention of the Zodiac as well.

Our hotel restaurant is closed on a Wednesday night, so we are going to an hotel next door for dinner. As my WiFI time expires at 9:45pm, We will sign off early tonight.

Tomorrow on to Pisa.

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