Kenya and Tanzania - and Dubai - Fall 2015 travel blog

It's easy to be a first class, actually business class person. We were dead tired when we got on the plane in Nairobi, so we pulled out the foot rest, reclined our seats and were gone to the world. The plane did not appear to be full; business class certainly wasn't, and we might have found an empty row back in steerage, but it was oh so nice not to have to look. If they served dinner, we missed it, but breakfast was great - high quality, tasty food.

We landed at Heathrow and took a shuttle from terminal 3 to 5, a journey so long we expected to see Big Ben and the Tower Bridge by the time we arrived. We had to go through security again, even though we never officially entered Great Britain. Then it was off to the lah-di-dah business class lounge, where we could take a shower! No worries about the hot water running out, the power going off and enough light so that I could get my contact lenses back into my bleary eyes. The wi fi is free and quick. The thought of a six hour layover was not appealing, but the time flew by. By the time the cal to board came, I had skimmed all the email that had never downloaded and was able to upload a few videos, an activity that was impossible with the internet we had in the safari lodges. If we felt like walking, a large retail opportunity was nearby. As is often the case in Great Britain, the prices were very high, but for window shopping Terminal 5 can't be beat.

We had a wonderful time in the jungle, but it makes us appreciate the perks of civilization even more. After the color and brightness of Africa, it looks might drab here in London. Not only are the skies gray, but everyone is wearing black, the European uniform.

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