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The rest of the group didn't arrive until 11pm last night, so things got off to a slow start today. After a final wi-fi session, we headed to a tiny airport and hung out in the waiting room of a tiny airline we never head of until it was time to pile into a van and drive out onto the airstrip after a cursory baggage scan. The plane had just enough space for the twelve of us as long as we didn't take a deep breath. The 45 minute flight even included a brown paper bag containing a bottle of water and a muffin.

It appeared that we descended over a series of steps; Nairobi is at 5,000 feet elevation. Occasionally, we could see the walled compounds where the Masai live and keep their cattle. Every so often we saw herds of animals, but we were up too high to distinguish exactly what they were. The skies began to darken as we flew, and we were glad to reach the dirt landing strip before it began to rain. Six of us got in each game viewing vehicle to drive down the dirt paths the animals wear into the earth. To say they were bumpy would be an understatement. The drivers communicated with the other vehicles in the area by radio and located elephant, Cape Buffalo, numerous antelope and a posse of lions wrestling in the grass. The most thrilling sight for us was a cheetah perched on a termite hill surveying her happy hunting ground. After she bounded off we saw two of her cubs bouncing around in the tall grass behind her.

We are staying in a tent-ish domicile with running water for showers and toilets. The beds are covered with mosquito nets, but so far that seems unnecessary. Our only hardship is the limited hours that electricity is generated. It should be enough to get the camera batteries charged for the next day, but we always have a flashlight nearby just in case. We ate a buffet dinner at the lodge and were entertained by singing Masai warriors warriors wrapped in red robes, bouncing up and down. The higher a man can jump, the more girl friends in his future. This is the Africa we've always heard about and we feel so lucky to be here.

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