Our tour bus...

Views from Lisbon..




After Lisbon we visited the awesome town of Sintra..

The palace of Sintra..

Jerry taking a break from shopping... :-)


Gloria with the palace on the left...

We had the famous dessert for Sintra outside, it was awesome..

The name of the dessert..

The real deal... :-)

A cool tour train passing by..

Back on the bus, we head toward the coast..

A beautiful castle in the distance..

We saw a lot of these beautiful blue tiles in Portugal...

Another beauty..

Last one, arriving at the coast for our next tour...

We arrived in Lisbon, Portugal early this morning. Jerry and I were up at six this morning to prepare for a long day of tours. This is a new country for us, we booked six hours of tours to see as much of Portugal as possible. We started with the city of Lisbon first.

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal, it is the largest westernmost city in Europe. It lies in the western Iberian Peninsula, on the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful Tagus River. It has a population of about 550,000 people. Our tour guide did a great job. I have so many pictures to add of the city, I can't wait to post all of them. :-)

Our second part of the long day tour took us to the awesome towns of Sintra and Cascais. We started with a scenic drive to Sintra, which is set high in the mountains. This delightful town had so many attractions, it was hard to see all of them in our one hour stop. We saw the Pena Palace, a revered national monument, famous for it's fascinating 19th-century Romantic architecture.

From the central square we were able to gaze up at the historic 8th-century Castle of the Moors fortress. We had the famous dessert this area is known for, it was delicious. I am adding a picture later with the unusual name of the dessert. After our dessert we enjoyed shopping in the village shops. I got a nice necklace for only $2. It was a wowser trip, we enjoyed our time in Portugal very much. Photos will be added when we are back home.

Check back later for more when we return to the United States.

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