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The past two days have really begun a new journey through history for Tom and I. Seville played roles in so many of the historical events that we barely scratched the surface of in school.

First yesterday Tom and I visited the Cathedral de Seville. It is true Christopher Columbus is entombed in this Cathedral. The entire monument is approximately 10' long x 6'wide x 15' tall. There are 4 pall bearer's in armor of the day carrying with honor Christopher Columbus in a carved draped "coffin". Very majestic... the Cathedral itself is massive with many separate alters and enclaves. As you approach his monument, there is no question that it is his. I realize in today's world many question his role in history as his voyages had an enormous in the historical development of the Western world whether positive or negative but that was many years ago I choose to remember his role in discovering the "new world" and the rest as they say "is history". I remember learning about him in school and to come here and find his is buried here was quite a surprise.

Side note: Christopher Columbus died in Valladolid Spain and was buried in the Santa Maria Monastery. In 1542 His remains were exhumed and moved to colonial Santo Domingo (present day Dominican Republic) in 1795 when France took over Hispaniola, he was again moved to Havana Cuba. Finally in 1898 he was moved back to the Cathedral of Seville. DNA testing not long ago proved the remains in the Cathedral to be his. Can't help the History lesson............ but I am so excited to see it here.

Second HUGE part of history and I won't get too far into it is the Jewish history in Seville. Begins back into history in the 400's BC at least. Tom and I went into the Museum of Jewish History in Seville and a wonderful passionate young woman named Rebecca handed us a map of Seville and proceeds to give us a very detailed lesson in the history here. Completely blew us away. I know we've all heard of the Spanish Inquisition but here in Seville Rebecca put names to the first victims and their families. Every building has a story to tell and I feel like if we hadn't been booked into this hotel we would have missed the depth of history in this town.

Tom and I visited the Alcazar yesterday which was the Royal Palace for anyone ever in power here. Many many buildings built over the years. Most of it is the Muslim architecture style with colorful tiles floor to ceiling. Great rooms with the Arabic archways everywhere and gold embedded into the ceilings. There didn't seem to be a flow from one room to the next and we actually had a hard time finding the exit.

One of the things Rebecca told us is that if we have to walk down long tunneled hallways (and she pronounced them two - nals as well) we must be staying in what was a wealthy persons former house because only the wealthy had tunnels. Further the Kings treasurer as Jewish and he was allowed to have a tunnel from his house directly to the palace for protection..... and history moves on.

Okay better notes: Seville was so much fun. Everywhere Tom and I sat to watch the world go by was so entertaining. The children here are beautiful and happy. Girls in dresses, with their hair in ponytails laughing and singing. Boys running around jumping on and off of rocks and fountains. Listening to the conversations of people around us talking in rapid Spanish was awesome. Everyone here has that relaxed enjoy the moment attitude. I actually think more people are out at night than daytime but all the families travel with mostly happy kids in tow even at midnight. LOVED IT!

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