Tom & Roberta take on Spain and Portugal 2015 travel blog

Okay not really the "Opera" per Se. We finished our 1st night in Seville dinner early, at about 11:00. Ha ha ha ha ha! Funny in San Carlos California time... serious in Seville and it's hard to believe we're good with it. Even young children are out and about. School must start at noon then, of course, break for lunch and siesta at 2:00.

But I digress.... on our way back to our hotel we heard a choir signing. Okay it wasn't really a choir or opera. However it truly was music to my ears. Right across the street from our Hotel there was a small café and at a table where maybe ten people, At least six had different types of guitars and everyone was either playing an instrument and/or singing in beautiful multiple harmony. I cannot describe in mere words how beautiful it sounded. They had everyone's rapt attention and when the song ended everyone erupted in ecstatic applause. They sang again and again each time passing their instruments from one to another. The apparent patriarch began a beautiful solo of a song that must have truly been from an opera and after he was into the song a bit the rest of the group chimed in with their harmony.

Tom and I sat to listen. Some of the songs were actually familiar such as the famous Mexican song "Tio Lindo". (you know the aye aye aye song.) Eventually they passed around a hat and I was only too happy to contribute some Euros. As I handed my money to them I leaned in and asked them to play La Bamba..........they happily agreed. Fantastic...LOVE IT!! I didn't want to leave but it was so late and. Breakfast is just a few hours away.

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