Larry & Lee Ann's Journey travel blog

Getting ready to board...

Bonnie, getting her headset on while Larry gets onboard...

And they are off!

They loved it!

Bonnie, Bonnie & Brad...The Ramblin' Rangers, so good!

Thanks so much for coming to play this evening...:)

My baby & me, enjoying our evening together :)

Fun time with good friends...

See you all tomorrow, thanks for stopping by!

Today Larry & Bonnie took a helicopter ride over Crazy Horse while I stayed back to photograph them coming & going. A little brother/sister time :) They seemed to enjoy it & if you are a Facebook friend you can watch a short video clip of them in the chopper. Pretty view from up there for sure!

After returning home we had a quick bite to eat before heading down to the Naked Winery where our good buddies the Ramblin' Rangers were putting on a special gig for our guest & friends. Wasn't that nice of them??? Yep, we certainly think so. They have such a busy schedule, but they wanted to share some time with Bonnie before heading out for the weekend. They are playing in Pierre this weekend at the Dakota Heritage Festival. We were able to attend last year & had a lot of fun at the event. Sorry to have to miss it this time around.

Several of our friends attended tonight & we had a terrific evening. What a great audience! Some folks from Canada arrived and commented that hanging out with us & hearing Brad & Bonnie was the highlight of their trip! How cool is that? They purchased their EP (CD) too, love it!

Tomorrow we plan to visit Bear Country USA. A first for Bonnie & we're all looking forward to it. So, we'll see you there :)

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