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With rain and thunderstorms in the forecast for today, we decided to remain here in Topeka until tomorrow.

The thunder woke us during the night and we heard the sound of rain pounding on the roof.

Things were wet outdoors when we got up but the rain had stopped so we sipped our coffee outdoors, while still wearing our PJ’s.

Later in the morning, Marilyn fixed a nice breakfast while I did indoor and outdoor chores.

The sun shone brightly all day as the forecast changed to show the rain beginning later and later today.

The RV is all clean and nice looking inside so we relaxed with our books.

We stopped our reading long enough to share an early dinner. Then Marilyn changed to her cross-stitch project while I worked on the computer, editing my latest writing, which is now nearly 100 pages long.

I figure I won’t have much time to do any writing or editing while we are in Hannibal. We’ll be spending most of our time with the grandkids if we have our way, LOL

Tomorrow we’ll arrive in Hannibal if all goes well. That will begin a very busy five week period of time for us before we head south toward Memphis, New Orleans, Abbeville, and on to the Rio Grande Valley.

Just a few items which now appear on our “To-Do” list are things like: Passport renewal, New SS Card, New Medicare Card, Renew Driver’s License, Doctors’ Appointments, Lab Work, Football Games, Financial Paperwork, New Insurance Coverage for three vehicles, and numerous activities with family and friends.

One thing I am certain of now, and that is the fact that we can hardly wait to spend time with the kids and grandkids.

Life is Good!

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