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Accommodation Hotel Les Chiens du Guet ( Hotel of the Guard dogs)

View thru city wall near our hotel, at sunset

Sea wall tree trunk protection

What happens in a North Sea storm event

Beach at low tide looking back to old St Malo

Fish & Chips - very popular with Aussies ( English spoken)

Yachty's heaven - heaps of boats

Typical street scape, St Malo

Hi All,

Lay day today no cycling, hanging in Saint Malo, slow and easy checking out the rest of the old city. One of the prettiest places we have seen so far, and so nice to smell the sea, must be in our blood.

The tides here are amazing, must be up to 6m high tide to low tide, at low tide you need a packed lunch to get to the water, would be the widest beach we have ever seen, at high tide virtually no beach in places.

Along some sections of the sea wall there are old tall tree trunks clustered together for over a kilometre, these are to help break the wave energy in heavy seas check out photo of post card showing storm action - makes our storms at Wamberal - Terrigal look like a picnic.

Apparently we have snagged very good weather for September, but it is forecast to be rapidly changing tomorrow & Sat, heavy rain, which will make life interesting on the bikes!

Tomorrow will be a big day of riding to Mont Saint Michele

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