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Mushroom pushing through

Slug climbing up mushroom


Blackberry heaven today






A fly door ??... No a cow door!



Lunch view

Drying laundry at lunchtime

Lunch break

Amazing mushroom


Another fungus

Zoom in. Destination Borce is at the bottom of the valley. Down...





Almost at Lescun


Most days seem to start and end the same way. Starting with a steep rocky climb and finishing with a steep rocky descent into our village for the night. This day was no different. However we did feel that the constant climbing that we did for the first 3 hrs probably had steeper sections than other climbs so far. Most of this was through forest dominated by pines. As the rough 4WD forest track zigzagged its way up the mountain, the GR10 pretty well went straight up, crossing straight over the vehicle track time and time again. Tempting to follow the vehicle track but one never knows when the GR10 might head in another direction. Besides, that would be cheating!! There were many blackberry picking spots along the way. The bushes were loaded and ripe. No need for morning tea break. Blackberry heaven.

We stopped at the top of the pass for lunch finding an open spot in the sun with yet another wonderful view.

As we were packing up our picnic things to descent we saw 3 Pyrenean sheep dogs on the next hill, guarding their flock of sheep and barking continuously... Presumably at us. Time to leave as we saw several signs on the mountain asking people to leave them alone as they can be dangerous.

During the 3 hr descent we saw so many different types of mushrooms and fungi. The most startling one was a huge red mushroom with white spots just like those you see next to garden gnomes. It was larger than a cricket ball.

Finally into the village of Borce where we will spend 2 nights having our only day of rest tomorrow. We are staying in a lovely old chambres d'hotes house owned by a dutch man and his Chilean wife.

Dinner with an Australian couple from Brisbane and an English man doing the Camino from Toulouse. Very homely dinner including retrieval of soup from plates for the absent Jenny. Then the host realised his mistake!

The Route



Cumulative Distance


7 hrs

Cumulative Time



Cumulative Altitude



Cumulative Descent


Warm and sunny


Maison Bergoun


Garden vegetable soup

Mixed verges from garden including bacon stuffed gigantic zucchini and roast meat of some sort

Cheese or yoghurt for dessert with red wine



Wonderful weather

Easier walking than yesterday and no climbing ropes!!

Many meadow flowers and forest fungi

Low Lights

A message from Jenny (joining us tomorrow) said she'd accidentally left my GF food parcel back in Sydney.

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