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From the refuge at breakfast

Leaving the refuge


A marmot

This was the terrain for most of the morning




Rocks and blue sky all morning

The only colour in the grey rock landscape

Rock carnes sometimes marked the way


The breche we were to climb

The climb about to commence for Helen

one step at a time

let's get up that cable!

Climbing 'the wall'

At the top of the wall

View from top of the wall

View over other side of wall

View back. Yes we came thru there. Does look so bad?!






Lescun at last!

Our hotel in Lescun

Inside our hotel

Another hotel resident


the side of it on a very narrow Wow! What an incredible day. No fog this morning. We spend most of the morning walking across very rugged rocky paths up quite high. We are certainly in the high Pyrenees now. Crossed through a ski resort ( ugly in summer) and continued on high across the side of many rocky gullies/valleys. This was almost mountaineering we said ..... Then the route turned towards a sheer cliff face to climb. Yikes ! The GR10 climbed up the side of it on a very narrow path. All ok if you didn't look down. Then it turned a corner and to get over the top we had to pull ourselves up on ropes attached to the rock face ... With heavy packs!!!! It wasn't far but finding myself in the lead I had to do it. A video would have showed my knees knocking. I made it to the top and the others followed. Helen was as frightened as me but Pamela was like a mountain goat. Easy!!! Thank goodness the other side was not as bad. In fact again the views were unbelievable.

We walked on for another hour or so encountering a few people going in the other direction. Including Roman, the young guy who stayed at the refuge last night. He had taken an alternate route then accidentally picked up the GR10 path in the wrong direction. Quite a coincidence that we crossed paths in the middle of nowhere. He realised his mistake and turned around eventually joining us on a rock for lunch much lower in the valley. The valley was very beautiful as we were totally surrounded by towering mountains.

The day's walk ended though a very muddy forest and along farm paths into Lescun. Such a cute village of old white houses with slate roofs. The hotel was equally lovely with lots of wood inside Nd beautifully decorated rooms in the old style.

Had a drink at the hotel then on to another bat before eating dinner at a different Gite. Met a nice Canadian couple who were sharing a big table with us and others.

The Route



Cumulative Distance



Cumulative Time



Cumulative Altitude



Cumulative Descent


Sunny all day


Hotel Pic D'Anie


Cold Pea and mint soup

Confit duck with green beans and rice

Fromage Blanc with fresh raspberries

Red wine


Dinner 16€ pp

Bed 70€. For 3

breakfast 6€


The change into high rocky areas

The rope climb up the cliff

Amazing views. The most beautiful day so far

Low Lights


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