The Perils of Pyrenees Pauline & the GR10 travel blog

Setting off in the morning. Farewell to André

Path early on

Animals died along the route!!

The steep path was rocky

Or the path had lots of roots

Another interesting fungus

And the sky was so blue !

Pamela and Helen take a little rest. Are they not talking???? :)


Weird watering trough

Mixed grazing up very high

Typical horse of the region

Lunch view

Lunch view with mountains we climbed over in distance

My hearty lunch ... No I'm not eating the walking poles!

At lunch

Yes we've walked up from way way down in valley

Sheperd's hut, the old and the new

Ah -oh. The fog's starting to descend

More fog... Keep walking. Must get over the pass!

Quick stop to buy sheep cheese from the sheperd

Keep going through the fog

My goodness. There's something there ! Is it our refuge?

YES. It is our refuge!!! Yeh we found it in the fog

Our Refuge

Bunks again



The group of 12 in the Gite was up early making plenty of noise in our 'room'. Hard not to really!

They were alternating running, cycling and driving the GR10. Clearly not the true GR10 as there is no way much of what we are walking could be run or cycled.

A simple breakfast in the Gite before we said our goodbyes to André who set off slightly ahead of us.

We climbed for most of the day, starting with going up yet another mossy steep gorge. Pamela was at the back and managed to do a little unplanned side trip!!! Once we were all reunited we continued on up the climb and eventually came out to grazing land up high with a mixture of sheep, cows and horses. The horses here are much heavier, getting more towards the draft horse style, than earlier in the Pyrenees.

Lunch was eaten on a sunny, grassy mountainside with a wide view of the mountains to the north and northwest that we have walked over. We could also see in the mid distance the last gorge we descended yesterday to get to last night's accommodation. It was fun picking out the peaks in the far distance that we had climbed to the summit and over.

As we continued to climb up a rough stoney 4WD track the fog commenced to form at the top of the pass and we could see it starting to descent on us.

We stopped at an old farm house to buy some local sheep's cheese and had a discussion with the farmer. He milked his sheep by hand,taking 2.5-3hrs morning and night. Apparently he had 230 sheep that were on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees. We are virtually on the border here.

Unfortunately the fog started to descend before we got to the refuge for the night. Luckily we could still see the way but were surprised when the refuge suddenly emerged from the fog! We were delighted to be there.

A well run refuge that was clean and cosy. Although could have been a little warmer. Two other men ( Maurice and Roman) came in separately later, lucky to have found it in the fog.

The Route



Cumulative Distance



Cumulative Time



Cumulative Altitude



Cumulative Descent


Lovely and sunny in the morning.


Refuge Jeandel


Watery tomato soup

Pan roasted chicken and rice

Homemade Chocolate mousse / pudding

Red wine.

Picnic lunch for next day

Sandwich and Niçoise salad

Slices of ham for Pauline


128€ for the 3 for dinner bed breakfast and our picnic lunch


The beautiful mossy gorge

The lunchtime view

The ghost goat with a bell following Helen in the fog

Walking through the fog looking for the GR10 markers.

Low Lights

The little unplanned detour

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