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Grandma and Evan

We went to...

...a rodeo one night...

...Evan had a great view.

City of Carbondale, with Mt. Sopris in the background.

Gateway RV park from the cliffs above

Evan spots grandpa's Aire

Hwy 82, RV park, and Roaring Fork River

Daily Mileage--12

Total Trip Mileage--4485


The Aire parked at Gateway RV Park on Aug 19th and has been here for two weeks.

Our 2 week stay in Carbondale has been interesting. Gateway RV park is owned by the city of Carbondale, and is located between the Roaring Fork River and CO Hwy 82, the only highway linking I-70 and Aspen. Lots of commuter traffic up and down the valley, starting at 5:30 AM. We had Thunder Boomers many afternoons, rain a couple of days, and smoke from the fires in Washington state. But with all that, we still played indoor pickleball, rode our bikes on the Rio Grand Trail, fished, whittled a little, went to the farmers market, and hiked a bit, and golfed a couple of times. Not so bad!!

The city has a two week stay limit at the RV park. Stay 2 weeks, leave for a week, come back for 2 weeks, leave, etc. We have cancelled our second 2 week stay. Too noisy!!

We checked out of Gateway on Sept. 2, and went to Cheri's driveway for two nights and then on to Steamboat Springs for Labor Day weekend. See you there.

And the adventure continues,


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