seaton trip to france 2015 travel blog

The Tour Eiffel in Paris France LOL

Nancy in front of The Tour Eiffel in Paris France LOL

View this morning outside the boat

All hands on deck for lunch

Our lunch, and no that is not coffee

The E.T. again

The Bar Nancy was aked to leave

Cute apt. for $5,000,000.00 (totally wrong, no feng shui at all)

Some religious building people make a fuss about

Cute shoes and they are only $2,300.00

Yesterday we walked ALL over ALL day. Today I got up early to get a shot of the Eiffel Tower at sunrise. Slept in a bit and lost my spot to the guy who I beat out yesterday. When I was coming home I got held up on the bridge because they were making a movie, and apparently they didn't want me in it. Went shopping at a bi-weekly food market. Bought some bœuf bourguignon, pork, pomme frites, veggies, and of course that damn french bread. Came home and had a nap, this is hard work. Walked almost forever again and ended up in the Latin Quater. Stopped and had a beer and pomme frites for the second time at the same place. Tried to rent one of their rental bikes but could get only things working to get one bike. Our plan was to ride home along the Seine but had to take the sucky metro home instead. Have only met our landlords once, when we moved in. We have a somewhat tiny room while they have the rest of the barge, quite a lot really, especially for here. It is really nice not having to take the metro all the time as we are very central. Once again no issues with language or bad attitudes!! Where have all the real french people gone? Just kidding of course, except for the street pedlars selling junk, and the Roma trying to scam you it's been pretty awesome.

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