Witton Does Asia 2005 travel blog

The beach - obviously

Big Boy

Can you believe I caught that????

Ready to eat our feast!

Hitting the buckets with Kim

Kim taking on the Thai Kickboxing guy!

Our feast barbecued - look at Big Boy! I caught him!!!!

Love this place!

Completely pituresque, postcard location! Sandy beaches, palm trees, blue sea - everything you could possibly want from an island, plus the added bonus of the lethal buckets - more on that in a mo!

So we arrived in Koh Pha Ngan last Tuesday. Immediately hit the beach for some R&R.

The following day we went snorkelling. It was great fun and saw some absolutely amazing fish. I don't know how long I was in the water, but when I got back to our little beach hut, I had the reddest back ever. It's turned a lovely brown now though, but I have the worst cossie marks - so not looking too good!

That night, with no Full Moon Party to go to for a whole extra week (when we're no longer on the island - currently we umming and ahhing whether to return for it), we decided to head out for a few drinks. A few drinks turned into a few buckets! They are DANGEROUS!!! I don't know how much I had, but us three girls purchased three and I honestly believe that I had more than my fair share! We ended up in some beachy, loggy bar for somesort of party - there was a wooden pole - Stuart and Nik - you know that meant!

Anyway, the night is all a bit of a blur, but apparently us three girls were on form! We got back to the huts at about 5.30am. The next day I was a wreck. After brekky, I attempted to sleep off my hangover on the beach (I needed to get ride of the candy cane effect on my back), however, I couldn't handle the heat and had to head back to the hut to recover!

What else did we do in Koh Pha Ngan? Well, the following day to make up for my disgusting performance on the Thursday, I went for a Thai Massage. It was ok, but I was expecting more brutality, she only made my toes and fingers click! I then sunbathed - but unfortunately I still look like a bad candy cane. Then Gabi and I went Kayaking and found ourselves an island and some flying fish. And then (Zoli you will be so proud), we went FISHING! And I caught "BIG BOY!" See the pic - how cool is that? Apparently no one catches fish like that in the area we were in. The fishermen didn't even know what sort of fish it was. But, I can tell you that he was delicious - we kept him and the guys at the restaurant barbecued our catches! Yummy!

On the Saturday, it was time to move on - up to Bangkok - nearly 24hrs travel!

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