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We went out with Shaddy for our last night time game ride. He pointed out some more weaver nests and some flocks of bright green lovebirds, and we spent a while watching the baboons who were congregating at the end of their day. Lots of baby baboons were either riding on the backs of their moms or holding tight underneath. We saw a definite hierarchy in baboon social structure, with the big guy sorting things out periodically.

We found the leopard in a field where other trucks were gathered to watch her sleep. Shaddy took us to another spot for our sundowner, and then we circled back to the leopard zone. The other trucks had left by this time, mostly they were watching the lions we’d seen in the morning. But we kept with the leopard and then we found a second leopard in the same field, and they both seemed to be waking up. Shaddy drove our truck around to the far side of the field, and in the pitch darkness the spotter started to shine his light. We could see two sets of eyes coming closer in our direction. Pretty soon, the big male came into sight and shortly thereafter the female followed. We’d like to think the female we saw rolling in scent last night had, indeed, found her mate. And the whole while, in the pitch black, we were the only truck following this romancing pair of leopards!

On our way back to camp, we saw all the other tourist trucks mobbing the lions and also noticed a dearth of any kind of antelope. As it was our last night at camp, we had dinner by ourselves on the deck off our room. We just showered, changed into bathrobes, and had a waiter serve us dinner. Then we packed and slept soundly.

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