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Leaving St Jean via the pilgrims gate





Stealing figs

Look in distance on right. That's the mountain we climbed 24hrs earlier

View from Gite at Kasekoleta


Kaskoleta gite

Kaskoleta gite

From kaskoleta window


We farewelled the pilgrims after breakfast and had a late start ourselves as the route today was shorter. A coffee in town and a quick trip to the pharmacy before setting off. We went through gentle farm land then took the purist GR10 route over the next mountain pass rather than the easier alternative given in our book that went around the mountain. The climbing was steep but not too long and we met a chatty Spanish couple along the way. Unfortunately they didn't speak English or French and we didn't speak Spanish but that didn't stop them from trying to have a very detailed conversation. I did pick up 'rapido senoras' as we passed them on the climb!!! We also met Sophie, a French woman that we have encountered a couple of times along the route and another athletic young Frenchman who also stopped to chat as he passed in the other direction.

We picked many blackberries (avoiding the low ones as we've heard they could be contaminated with poisonous animal urine) and some delicious figs along the way.

The Gite had packed us a picnic lunch including gluten free omelette sandwiches for me :)

We are all enjoying the wonderful open spaces in the mountains. It was incredible to get to the Gite this afternoon and from a high panoramic point we could look back in the far distance at the mountain that we climbed just 24 hrs earlier. Amazing, as it look so far away beyond other mountains!

The Gite was very simple and the only other people there were Sophie, the Spanish couple and a very friendly and entertaining Canadian couple ( Monique and Denis) who were walking the GR 10 in the opposite direction. Apart from the entertaining stories of Denis' working holiday in Australia we also heard details of the GR10 sections that we are soon to encounter. They had to drop down to the roads earlier today as the track was in fog and too dangerous to walk.

The Route



Cumulative Distance



Cumulative Time



Cumulative Altitude



Cumulative Descent


Overcast. Good temp for walking. Some light drizzle at the end


Gite kaskoleta


Potato tortilla with home grown peppers

Sausages and fettucini / rice for me

Cheese with cherry conserve

Fruit salad

Wine (from a huge plastic container)


€117 dinner bed breakfast and rice salad picnic lunch for tomorrow. Plus pre dinner drink


The views and the beautiful light at the end of the day

Low Lights


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