We stopped at the Old Thatch for lunch..

We had great turkey and stuffing..

We saw lots of awesome castles on the drive..


Inch Strand looked just like the beaches in Hawaii...

It is a wowser..



Back on the awesome drive..

Arriving in Dingle..

We loved the town of Dingle..



Fresh seafood restaurants...we had awesome crab claws ...

View from our B&B..

We loved the B&B and highly recommend it..

They served the famous Irish breakfast...we passed on the blood pudding..:-)

Loved the fresh fruits too, the pineapple was extra delicious..

After breakfast, we drove the Dingle Peninsula drive..


Incredible views..


Zoomed view of one...

The hills are loaded with sheep everywhere you go ...

They are all marked with pink or blue colors..

Every stop was amazing..







Wowser view..



Map showing the drive around the peninsula..


It was one beautiful view after another...







The last part of the drive took us though the mountains..

Clouds were hanging over the mountains...


Last one...back in Dingle Bay..

We drove from Saltmills to the awesome town of Dingle today, about 200 miles. We got to see a lot of Ireland villages on the way. This is one beautiful country. We LOVED the town of Dingle and the incredible Slea Head Drive. This drive takes you all around the Dingle Peninsula.

The Slea Head Drive is a circular route, forming part of the Wild Atlantic Way, beginning and ending in Dingle, that takes in a large number of attractions and stunning views on the western end of the peninsula. The route is clearly labeled by road signs throughout its length.

Travelers usually travel clockwise in order to avoid the large tour buses that frequent the route during the summer. The drive follows the coast north, past Coumenoole Strand, where some of the filming of Ryan's Daughter took place. We have not seen the movie yet, it is definitely on our "to see" list now.

We stayed the night in an awesome B&B right on Dingle Bay, it was outstanding. Dingle is definitely on our top ten list of special places we have visited. I am adding a lot of pictures including the drive to Dingle, the Slea Head Drive and the wonderful B&B. I hope you enjoy the pictures. We will be driving The Ring of Kerry tomorrow, check back later for more from Ireland.

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