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The Swiss couple, who would be leaving for home that afternoon, took a separate game ride from us, and we went on a walking safari with Shaddy and the armed Maasai spotter. However, soon after we left camp, Shaddy saw two lions sleeping under a bush. So we drove further along.

We came to the edge of a plain and followed a hippo trail for about a mile. We looked at different animal tracks - giraffe, zebra, hyena scat (which is white because they actually eat bones). Shaddy pointed out a tree full of weaver bird nests, half of which are empty and intended as decoys for the predators. He said that the occupied nests have two entrances and house several birds. Among this nesting complex, only one pair mates and the other birds are all helpers. I don’t know of any other birds that behave this way.

Back in the truck, we drove to where the puku had been born yesterday and there were mother and baby! The baby looked so much stronger, no longer wobbling and suckling greedily. She definitely survived the warthogs; now she only had to worry about hyenas, leopards, and lions.

We drove to the river to enjoy our coffee break, and admired the small elephant family across the shore who were really enjoying a long, cool drink. Very soon thereafter, some cape buffalo started down the bank a short distance away from us. We watched in amazement as three, then five, then six large herds marched along, pretty much in single or double file. They all wanted to take a drink of water while the lions were on the other side of the park. There were well over one hundred cape buffalo, so many that the first group started back and ran into the third or fourth group on their way down, causing a minor traffic jam. Once back on the road, we saw a lot of zebra lining up ready to take their turn at the river.

Another interesting thing we saw were a few groups of elephants sleeping under trees, lying down! We had seen an elephant lie down to sleep once before, but not in the middle of the day.

When we got back to camp, we could see the two lions under their bush, now on the river’s side and facing us. Luckily, they don’t really like to swim and certainly have enough game where they are.

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