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We set off at 4 pm and almost as soon as we entered the park, a baboon sounded an alert. He gave a short, insistent hoot which he repeated for five or ten minutes. All the monkeys ran up trees and the baboon families gathered their babies and scampered away. The impala and puku stayed where they were but turned toward the direction of the baboon’s cries. Nothing happened at that time, but Shaddy was pretty sure it was a leopard, which the baboon could see from high in the trees.

We drove on and meandered through the park. Shaddy found a sundowner spot near the Mfuwe Lodge, which was entirely new scenery for us overlooking a watering hole with a very muddy hippo wallowing in it.

When we started off again, another alarm cry began. The puku and impala reacted strongly to this alert, with the pukus chirping and springing straight up to get a better view and the impalas huffing and snorting. This time we found the leopard and started following her just as it was getting dark. The spotter had a large light which he shone on her so we could really see her well. At one point, she stopped and circled and marked her territory. Then she started rolling in whatever she had found there. Shaddy thought she had scented a male and would start looking for him.

On the way back we also saw a spotted eagle owl, a hyena on the prowl, and a hippo whose back was bloodied from battle.

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